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Multi platform step-by-step wayfinding guides with a modern and easy to use content management system (CMS) HTML5

Integrate the digital maps anywhere – one source any platform – API and syncronization scripts!

App development

We develope “apps” using native programming – with the best possible results – no hybrid solution. Maximum speed, (no lag) smart user interface and serverside API.

Digital Signage

Multi-platform, high security standards and built to handel any type of signage solution, API for integration anywhere. Developed from the ground up with our own programming team. Unique Linux clients with a highly customized kernel/distribution – built to run 24/7. Smart SWARM distribution system, highly customized surveillance system and efficent management.

Unique developed digital signage app(s).

Through our System components – Linux Routers we collect, filter and analyze all data that comes in from many different sources. This data gives you as a customer the possibility to both learn, understand and communicate in the best way with your audience.

We will deploy your unique network solution. Linux routers, access controllers and radius servers. WIFI and VLAN with AC gigabit support.

Our network and wifi solution offers a smarter way for users to connect to the Internet – our powerfull wifi solutions – with customized Linux software.

We offer hardware design and software interactive UI and UX. To create an efficent user experience – not only to look good.


We combine our more than 15 years of knowledge and experience with our best creative talents to achieve the best digital communication on all levels. Developing our own software and combining it with the best hardware – we stay true to deliver something amazing!

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e-mail: [email protected]