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Help your visitors get where they’re going with engaging touchscreen wayfinding maps and directories. When people visit your facility, you want to make a good impression by greeting and guiding them from the moment they step through the doors.

Use convenient digital displays as self-service kiosks with interactive wayfinding maps and directories to help visitors navigate your building or campus. We’ll help you provide your audience with detailed directions in a rich, intuitive graphic format using touchscreen technology to create engaging environments.

With interactive wayfinding signage you can:

  • Choose 100% custom or templated designs
  • Display directories tied to map locations
  • Connect to mobile devices with QR codes and SMS
  • Show full-screen or integrate with traditional digital signage
  • Use databases to feed directories for easy updates
  • Whether it’s a single building floor or an entire campus, our award-winning designers can tailor a wayfinding system that meets your needs.
  • Include directories for staff, departments, rooms and events showing visual paths from the kiosk to the destination. We can also build in quick reference buttons to find elevators and restrooms and much much more.

We will help you improve your visitor experience!

Welcome to a new world of digital screens and wayfinding solutions!

  • Digital maps – for Indoor navigation!
  • Digital maps – for outdoor navigation!
  • Digital maps – for “Flow tracking” – track assets, personal and more!
  • Digital Maps – for Mobile Apps – deliver wirelessly to any platform!
  • Digital maps for – “AR” – augmented reality maps combined with WEBVR (wireless map stations).
  • Digital maps for “Digital Signage” networks – combine your solution with digital maps.

We are experts in mobile app development (native coding – no hybrids) – this to achieve the best possible performance and quality feel!

We also have a unique “RTLS” (realtime location system) which requires no hardware installation – only a one time scan of the enviroment is needed!

What makes our digital maps unique is – the digital map format – that reaches all devices without any plugin needed or external software: One map > all devices > no need for any plugin on any hardware or device. Making this extremely efficient since one map source can be used everywhere. Everything runs either “online”  or “offline” and everything is coded with the latest standardized HTML5 coding.

The digital map format is developed by our inhouse development team – and adaptable to any situation or requirement! We support for WEBVR and LeapMotion!

The maps are in a true 3D format – that can be displayed in 2D if needed.

Integration example: If you have a digital signage system and want to combine your present system with interactive maps (touchscreens), (WayFinding) – we can do this very easily by synchronizing content!

You can have two “CMS” systems controlling the content”. One system controlling the “map content” and the other system controlling the “commercials”.

One example of this is a project we did for Clear Channel, where we combined our map technology with their own digital signage system.

  • Step 1. Clear Channels native Signage Software – Handles Commercials.
  • Step 2. Touch input detected – switch/loads MVG | DMDS Software (HTML5 Map)
  • Step 3. Timeout (30 seconds or other custom value) – MVG returns back control.
  • Step 4. Clear Channels native Signage Software resumes playing commercials.

This process can of course be used in combination with any other “Signage Software” that wants to integrate digital maps.

Our program supports Windows, Android, IOS and Linux – simple next-next step installation file that then takes over handling “touch screen input”. Our program listens to “touch events” and switches over to HTML5 content.

Cross Loading different CMS systems – achieve “one place of update” Cross-load different CMS (content management systems) to manage content from different sources and separate it into segments.

This makes it easier for the end-user to manage content like “Commercials, Maps, Webpage and apps”.

For outdoor maps we use highly customized and specialized menu systems and different frameworks – utilizing the vast databases and resources of global data.