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MVG | DMDS – Digital Media Distribution System

MVG | DMDS - Core

Server and client - Linux.

MVG | DMDS – is a secure, cloud-based platform designed to automate the digital signage content management workflow.

Its unique, campaign and playlist based model provides efficiency, flexibility.

MVG | DMDS - Automate

Work Less, Sell More.

MVG | DMDS – enables DOOH sales teams to scan available inventory in real time and generate proposals with a few simple clicks.

By eliminating complex management you can advertise more, reach more and then sell more!


Programmatic, Made for DOOH.

MVG | DMDS – is an efficient and transparent platform that makes DOOH inventory available to global buyers in familiar workflows.

The system is customized to the DOOH industry, benefiting media owners, DSPs, advertisers and agencies alike.

A custom developed webb and app based content management system, industrial hardware and software, high security standards, proven high uptimes, fast distribution based on swarm technology, support for most known media formats (movies and pictures). Deliver dynamic or static content – in anyway you can think of. We like to deliver something out of the ordinary.

The system is scalable and manages both interactive and non-interactive content in combination with bluetooth beacons, AR (Augmented Reality) solutions – we deliver something out of the ordinary!

Advanced surveillance system but yet simple to manage – with many different functions which enables quick feedback upon critical system events! Trigger events to anything.

Our Operating System is Linux – a custom made distribution – this system is the “backbone” of all our products and integrated into every solution we deliver both server(s), router(s) and client(s). The signage software is integrated into the Linux Distribution.

Using reliable – hardware (X86, 64bit or ARM) – in combination with our operating system and specialized software – you have the perfect solution. And if you need something “addon” we will create or develope it for you – we can customize and develope anything! Your own White label solution!

In many other solutions and alternatives found today – many companies relies on an “Operating System” like Windows – then on top of Windows they install a third party signage software. We prefer to build a complete OS and then design the software program so it is an integrated part of the OS – operating system. Since if you dont have control over the OS the Signage software can never be as stable as possible.

Our main solution and architecture selling point, is that we design the solution from the ground up – and this makes it possible for us to accurately and very efficently manage a large network of clients – without any issues!

The Digital Signage Network we deploy can be either with 3G/4G or Fiber/ISP/WIFI – Customized Linux routers, access controllers, radius servers and switches.

For a successful digital signage solution you need a powerful “connection” – and several Gateways – to make sure equipment is always running!